Junior Race Series 2018

Posted: 12/01/2017 in Uncategorized

From 2018 the Junior Race Series results will be delivered for each Region by BTF IT department. For this to work those athletes wishing to take part in the SWS will need to sign up to home nations junior membership. Please follow the link under SWS Registration to sign up to membership. This is the only way, centrally, the junior results can be delivered for each region.  This will not stop anyone from taking part in the races but will mean only home nation members will feature in the individual league tables.  There are good reasons for juniors to become members and these are listed below but can also be viewed in a separate document under the heading SWS Registration and follow the link to Junior Membership:


Juniors who are members of British Triathlon are insured when racing and training throughout their membership year:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Legal Services

Triathlon England Junior Membership cost £24 which means that for £2 per month juniors are insured for racing and training throughout their membership year.

By mandating membership, British Triathlon can ensure that Juniors are sufficiently insured all year round. Many don’t realise that Day Membership provides public liability insurance only, and that is limited to the duration of an event. It’s also worth knowing that club insurance doesn’t actually extend to members so in order to be insured, juniors need to have their own insurance. Membership is a simple way to ensure that everyone is insured.

Sense of Community and Support

Junior Membership is a method of engaging and educating young people, and developing a life-long affinity with the sport (be it participating, volunteering or spectating). As members, children and young people should feel part of a national community of triathletes. Young members will receive limited edition gifts and get access to exclusive benefits and rewards, as well as educational material.

Investing in the future of Triathlon

British Triathlon is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the development of triathlon. A strong membership base keeps us close to triathletes and enables us to form triathlon for the future. The importance of having onboard those members who will be running the sport in the future cannot be stressed enough.

Protecting our juniors whilst they train and race is at the heart of membership, ensures they are protected against accidents and is the right thing to do as a governing body.  As a part of the project it is hoped to build a children and young people’s web page that gives further details on all the activities that we offer our juniors.

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