IRC Team SW 2018

British Triathlon Inter-Regional Championships

Date: 15/16 September 2018

Venue: Mallory Park, Leicester

The British Triathlon Inter Regional Championships (IRCs) brings together the most promising young tri-athletes from around Great Britain; regions select 3 girls and 3 boys across both the TriStar 2 and 3 age groups along with a reserve for each race. From 2018 reserves will be able to race in the Mixed Team Relay and will be asked to travel too.

BTF have produced a very informative booklet on the IRC so do please read: BTF_IRC booklet_Update

The event is split between two competitions, with athletes competing in their respective age categories for individual honours, whilst each athlete’s position scores their region points which count to the overall title of British Triathlon Inter-Regional Champions.

The IRCs are held each year near to the end of the season with the thirteen British Regions including Wales and Scotland competing. Races are open water with draft legal cycling over standard distances and subject to gear restrictions. All bikes will need to be presented to the “Bike Roll Out Area’ to ensure compliance.

This is an opportunity to compete at the highest level for the Tri-Star 2 & 3 categories.

If you want the chance to represent and compete for Triathlon England South West Inter Regional Championship Team, known as Team South West then please read on.

IRC Selection Policy 2018 – Team South West


To represent TESW Region athletes must be a TE member who either lives within the SW region or is an active member of a TE affiliated club within the SW region and their TE Membership Card is annotated South West.


Athletes must be a TE member registered to the South West and participate in the designated SW IRC qualifying race (IRC Qualifier). This will be an open water full drafting triathlon.

Tri-Star selection: TS2 & TS3

IRC Qualifier – Bowood – 30 June 2018

Athletes will be selected in each Category as per the table below from the IRC Qualifier. The top three athletes in each category will be selected on a first past the post basis. The 4th placed athletes will be asked to travel with Team South West and will compete in the Mixed Team Relay on the second day of the competition.

The following places for selection are available for separate Boys & Girls Teams

Category Age Places
Tristar 2 11-12 3 + 1 Travelling Reserve
Tristar 3 13-14 3 + 1 Travelling Reserve

Reserves will roll-down to the next available eligible finisher in their relevant categories.

NB. Designated races may have to be changed at late notice dependant on circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the JSO and therefore the JSO cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred.

Notification of selection:

Athletes will be notified within 48hrs on their successful selection. They will be expected to attend team training day / weekend before the IRCs.

Confirmation of IRC selection will be made public mid July 2018 on this site.


Appeals will only be considered from athletes who are unfit to compete at their qualifying event or unable to complete that event.

They submit a written report to the Junior Series Officer before or on the day of the qualifying event


this report should contain all relevant information such as mitigating circumstances and previous results; any medical grounds must be supported at the time or within 24 hours of submission by a Medical/Doctor’s report.

Appropriate grounds for consideration will usually be those deemed to be outside the athlete’s own control. An athlete would need to prove to the selection panel that over the course of the season they were consistently significantly better than the other athletes who finished first past the post at the selection race.

The appeals will be considered by a panel consisting of David Hooper, TESW Regional Manager, Andy Bullock, Regional Academy Head Coach, and Melanie Cumberland JSO, with athletes notified of the result when the team is announced.

In the event of a successful appeal the athlete will take the place of the lower placed qualifier. In the event of more than one successful appeal per category the successful athletes will take the place of the lower placed qualifiers.

develop, perform, aspire

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